Untapped Market And Business Strategy

Let’s agree that there are some marketable products that people are not really into selling because they see them as something not very important therefore nobody will really want to buy it.

Those kinds of products are what we should seek out, package them up and start seeking those that will need them for one thing or the other. Packaging these kinds of products should not cost us much due to the fact that many of these products are already marketable and the fact that no one is selling them makes them taboo to market or take as a source of income.

Those that reap the much better part of a business are those first persons that saw the potential of that particular product and industry and then decide to give it a try, they do not have to work as twice as others that will come later on, they do not have to spend money on advert since its new, the do not have to do all the job themself since the can easily hire people to do the hard job for them.

Let us use Amazon as a case study, when jeff benzos ventured into the online store that deliver goods and products to people’s doors, no one was really looking into that industry, many believed in the traditional marketing which is physical stores that one can easily work into, buy any product, pay in cash then drive home.

Jeff Benzos had to brainstorm to figure out that many people will actually see it more convenient to order something with their laptop and have it delivered to them without having to leave their homes.

When Jeff implemented the idea, it worked as a jam, people bought the idea and establish it as a way of life and how they should be buying things. Amazon grow rapidly that in the 2nd year of running the business, jeff had accumulated enough money to open an official office where he can easily run his business comfortable leaving his garage where the whole business started.

Alibaba had the same story just that it had to focus on one area which was China and Africa as its biggest market. Thos story teaches us how important it is to go into those markets that has little or no competition which will surely give us a 100% chance to win and become a Paonia so that those that come behind us will look up to us as a role model and will even help in promoting our business whether knowingly or unknowingly.

We do not have to be masters in business planning to be able to come up with wonderful ideas. Ideas ar around us, we just need to upon our eyes to see them and take good advantage of them in every way. when we have these things in mind, it will be easier for us to come up with breakthrough ideas that will surely open door that will lead to great success in the open market.

Untapped Market and Businesses

Have you been wondering about those untapped markets you can venture into, through our research we have found out that there are businesses that lack in some area of the world especially Africa and Asia. Although Asia has experienced rapid development in the past 10 years but that doesn’t totally eliminate the potency of new establishments in that area of the world, moreover not all Asian countries are among the rapid development, and some counties are left behind while they depend on those that have found the light in industrialization to come to their aid

1. Internal Software Distribution

Many countries lack software developers that develop this software specifically for the use of the indigenous people who occupied the area and border of their land, they look forward to open software that is made for everyone and everyone overlooking the immediate needs of the local occupant of their land.

Yes, you will make sales here and there but will be able to stand the competition of more advanced software developed by more knowledgeable developers? If yes then good for you! but if NO it’s time to rethink and restrategies, you need to start thinking of ways to make your software more specifically for the indigenous people as it will go a long way to help grow your business.

You can develop software that helps solve the nearest needs around you since a community face almost similar problem, solving that problem will give you a good review for a start and give you the money you need to start working on those plans that have been on your mind for a long time.

2. Produce and Market Products That Have Nor Really Existed

It is said that ideas are like the wind, it doesn’t stay a place,  that ideas you have been harbouring in your head are like wind and can be lost if you do not put them into play. I know it seems like all discoveries and products have been made, but what will say to those that live 2000 years ago? they too thought that all discoveries and knowledge have found till this generation gave them a shock of their life with new technology, new math equation and formulas and new ways to live life, who can imagine that a day will come where you do not have to leave your home to make ends meet.

Start working on that idea you have already, grow that idea, look for ways to perfect it then monetize the ideas, like this you do not have to compete with anyone since you are the first to do it, otherwise wind will blow that idea into someone else’s head.


The market is large and can take new people that are willing to do all it takes in order to make it, you can start today with the tips we have given you here, start making good use of it, and make plans on how to have a stand in the market then implement those plans. Good luck with your strategies in the untapped market and businesses.

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